Hi, I’m Jess and welcome to One Big Love. I’m a Meditation teacher and also provide strategic support to social entrepreneurs, not-for-profits and big hearted businesses. I grew up in Sydney but now live with my partner and biggest love of all, Sre, in Melbourne.

From a young age I wanted to give back to the world in some kind of way, but wasn’t really sure what that meant or looked like. After struggling with eating disorders, anxiety and depression as a teenager, I ended up travelling the world before finding a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose working in international aid and development. I worked in Australia, India, Mexico and Indonesia for over 10 years – during which time I became increasingly passionate about the relationship between personal and social transformation and wellbeing. I loved my job and was surrounded by some of the worlds most incredible and inspiring people, yet I watched so many of my friends, colleagues and even myself burning ourselves out trying to make the world a better place. Outside of work I saw others also struggling to find happiness, balance, inner peace, and meaning in their lives – whether it was through yoga classes, self help books, drugs and alcohol or material possessions. Something was missing. Something was out of balance. So I left the sector, put down my books and computer, and delved even further into my own meditaiton practice and ongoing training.

I deeply believe in our potential as human beings and our possibility to create change at any time – to change our habits, to change our life, to change our country and even change our consciousness – bringing innovation to ourselves and our world. The world has never needed each of us to be the fullest expression of ourselves more.

Thank you for being here and for being you.

Big love x Jess

My name is Sre and I’m a traditional Ayurvedic Practitioner qualified in Herbal Health Care, Panchakarma Therapy and Remedial Massage. I am also a qualified Yoga Teacher and instruct at various studios, and with private clients, around Melbourne.

I have over 13 years of experience in Ayurveda, most of which were in India studying under some of our most experienced teachers. In 2010 I moved to Melbourne and have been treating people across the city ever since. My Australian qualifications include: Diploma of Remedial Massage, Certificate IV in Massage Therapy, Certificate of Sports Massage.

As a teenager I was drawn to the Ashram and spent my free time there when I wasn’t playing cricket. One of the Madhajis (a female Monk) introduced me to traditional Indian medicine, known as Ayurveda. Over the years my interest grew and I began studying to be an Ayurvedic Therapist.

At the Ashram, I also watched and helped my older brother cooking for Saptaham – an annual seven-day festival attended by hundreds of people. I was in awe of my brother’s intuitive, calm approach and ability to open hearts and connect communities using creative combinations of simple, healthy ingredients.

I also love sharing my culture and connecting through food which is where ‘Punyam’ – the Southern Indian Cooking Experiences – comes in. It’s a social enterprise, which means that once our costs have been taken care of, 50% of the profits go back towards community development projects in my home state of Kerala, India.

Namaste x Sre