Ayurvedic treatments to ease tension and restore balance to your body, mind and soul

What is Ayurveda?        – The science of life

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine from India. It aims to maintain or reestablish harmony between the mind, body and nature. This balancing is used for both prevention and treatment of illness and to enhance wellbeing.

Ayurveda combines a number of approaches such as change in lifestyle, Ayurvedic medicine, cleansing or detoxifying, massage, yoga, breath exercises and meditation. Overall it aims to strengthen and purify the body and mind and increase spiritual awareness.

Sre offers a range of ayurvedic massage treatments that will help ease physical and mental stress in the body. Treatments will also alleviate physical ailments like joint, muscle and rheumatic pain, and aid in recovery from injury or surgery.You will leave feeling softer, subtler and ready to flow with life.

Treat yourself to:

Abhyanga A 90 minute whole body massage with specific herbal oils to nourish and revitalise the body tissues and to allow the toxins to be removed from the cells. Abhyanga achieves deepest healing effects by naturally harmonising body, mind and spirit.

*Investment: $120


Shiroabhyangam (Indian head massage) 30 minute soothing massage of the head and neck to release tension from the mind and create balance in the body.

*Investment: $50

Uzichil (body massage) 60 minute invigorating massage that will soothe aches and pains.

*Investment: $90



*Health-fund rebates are available.

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Our clinic is located in the inner Melbourne sanctuary of Abbotsford Convent Wellbeing Centre, C1.41, 1 St. Heliers St, Abbotsford, Melbourne, Australia.

Or you can contact Sre on +61415 159 307 to make a booking.