Yoga purifies & refines our nervous system so that it reflects a greater degree of consciousness & our lives can become an increasingly positive force in the world.

What is Yoga?

While many of us tend to think of yoga as a physical practice it traditionally goes much deeper than this.

Yoga means ‘union’ – of the body, mind, spirit and environment. The practice of yoga is the practice of quietening the fluctuations of the nervous system that get in the way of us experiencing our true, unbounded nature.


Yoga encompasses various “limbs” including our personal and social conduct, yoga asanas or postures, pranayama or breathing practices and techniques to direct the senses inwards and connect with our deepest nature in meditation.

Yoga classes and workshops

Sre has been practicing yoga for 20 years and has been a certified instructor for over 14 years. His classes include yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation to bring balance, flexibility and strength to your body and mind. He offers private classes in Melbourne, Australia.

With a background in Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, Sre ensures classes are aligned to your personal constitution or ‘dosha’. Find out more about Ayurveda and your dosha here.

Private Classes

  • +60 minute yoga asana, pranayama and yoga nidra
  • +Aligned to your dosha (Ayurvedic constitution)

Private Classes

  • +90 minute yoga asana, pranayama and yoga nidra
  • +Aligned to your dosha (Ayurvedic constitution)


We also run a range of yoga and meditation workshops.

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