Meditation is not about forcing your mind to go quiet; rather a gentle way of de-exciting the nervous system so you can rediscover the quietness that’s already there.

At One Big Love we aim to help make meditation as simple and effective as possible. We believe that with the right training and guidance, everyone can meditate and experience less stress, anxiety and fatigue, and live a richer, more engaged and fulfilling life.

Meditation also creates space for your inner genius to emerge and have a positive impact on the world around you.

‘Silent Awakenings’ – A Mantra Meditation Course

If you are ready to deepen your meditation practice, or learn a daily self-guided technique that is both simple and powerful, Silent Awakenings may be for you. During the course: 

  • You will be introduced to the principles of transcendental meditation, its history and Vedic philosophy and how it differs to other meditation techniques;
  • Participate in a sacred Vedic ceremony, where you will receive a unique personal mantra that has been derived using Vedic Astrology, and learn how to integrate this effortless practice to caress your soul and deep inner wisdom;
  • Explore the practical aspects of meditation, releasing stress and karmic blockages from the nervous system, and share experiences, challenges and answer any questions so that you feel confident to continue your self-directed daily practice; and,
  • Plough through the walls of perception to shine light on higher states of consciousness and explore how we can access these blissful states through the regular practice of mantra meditation 

 Upcoming Workshops

Silent Awakenings – A Mantra Meditation Course

Date:  Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of March, 2020

Time: 2.00pm-5.30pm

Location: Hawthorn East, Melbourne 

Investment: $450.00

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Learn to meditate 

We offer a range of meditation classes and workshops that draw on modern science as well as ancient yogic practices to quieten the fluctuations of the mind and de-excite the nervous system so that you can experience deep states of rest and rejuvenation. 

Meditation will also support you to:

  • Go beyond our deeply ingrained fight-flight response and break free from the grip of fear and anxiety
  • Overcome habitual patterns that get in the way of you experiencing the best version of you
  • Become increasingly present and aware of your thoughts, actions, sensations, choices and surroundings. The more you meditate, the more mindfulness spills over into every aspect of your life 
  • Cultivate a more meaningful life and relationships

Types of meditation

There are many different types of meditation that support the cultivation of concentration or focus, witnessing awareness and “going beyond” the mind, or transcendence.

At One Big Love we believe that all meditation is good, but that different styles of meditation can suit different people at different times and for different purposes.

We are certified instructors and specialise in:

  • Mantra Meditation – a transcendental meditation practice (the silent repetition of Sanskrit sounds to go beyond the mind)
  • Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)
  • Pranayama (breathing practices)
  • Mudra and Bandha (hand gestures and body locks/ holds)
  • Chakra Meditation (yogic energy centres)
  • Mindfulness

We have trained with some of the worlds leading meditation teachers in India, Australia, the USA and Canada including Deepak Chopra MD, Roger Gabriel and Sheila Patel MD. 

Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.
– Rumi

What is Mantra Meditation? 

Mantra Meditation is an ancient Vedic technique that comes from the yoga tradition of India. It is also known as transcendental meditation, helping you to transcend or ‘go beyond’ the level of the mind and current every day experience, and open up completely new possibilities.

At One Big Love we use Vedic astrology to identify your unique sound based on your date, time and place of birth. This Sanskrit sound is repeated silently as a tool to de-excite the nervous system and dissolve stress.

With the regular practice of this elegant and sophisticated process, you will tap into the spring of expanded consciousness that lies within us all. You will also cultivate a growing field of ever-present witnessing awareness.

This awareness will carry over into your daily activities outside of your meditation practice so that you experience your own capacity as a conscious choice maker and creator of experience rather than being thrown about by compulsions.

Meditation Classes

We also run regular classes at some of Melbourne’s leading studios, and from our home studio.

Join us for meditation at:

  • Happy Melon Studios (Armadale) | Saturday:  9am, 10.45am and 4pm
  • Wellbeing at Abbotsford Convent | By appointment
  • Home-based studio (Hawthorn East) | Tuesdays 7.30pm | Sundays 9.30am 

To find out about private classes and customised workshops for families or groups, please email


I did the meditation course with Jess in December last year and i must say i throughly enjoyed it. Jess was very knowledgable, friendly and helpful. I really appreciated the follow email after the course with further information on some things we discussed 🙂


I have known Jess for several years and have always really enjoyed her meditation classes. Jess teaches meditation with empathy and understanding and is always willing to share new approaches to meditation. I place high value on my attendance at Jess’s meditation classes.


The Benefits of Meditation


The benefits of meditation are available to us on multiple levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.  Essentially, meditation supports us to go beyond our deeply ingrained fight and flight or stress response and into our calm and connected way of being.  Research increasingly shows that Meditation is an integral component of a life dedicated to health and happiness.  


  • The heart rate slows down
  • Blood pressure goes down
  • Our breathing quietens
  • Our blood circulates better
  • Stress hormones levels fall
  • Improved immunity
  • Improved digestive function


  • Begin responding to life’s challenges and opportunities (rather than reacting)
  • Reduce our tendency towards compulsive habits 
  • Make choices that are optimal for our health and wellbeing
  • Our relationships improve
  • Connect with a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life


  • Feel more “in flow”
  • See ourselves and the world in a different way and recognise the interconnectedness of everything
  • Begin to harness the powers on attention and intention
  • Our senses are refined and our intuition improves
  • Feel more joyful and lighthearted
  • Express more aspects of ourselves

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